Top Secret To Staying Healthy

Many people around the world are striving for a healthy lifestyle. There are so many tips floating on what we need to do to stay fit and healthy, and new research studies coming up everyday. But one of the top secret for a healthy lifestyle is having a good immune system. Our body’s immunity is what keeps us healthy and strong for long. Many people will advice us to eat properly, sleep well, and exercise regularly to stay healthy.




We religiously do this for a while, and then one fine day we just go ahead and indulge ourselves to a hearty meal, eat what junk comes our way and just skip exercise. We come across situations in life that skyrocket our stress levels for no reason, or our boss loads us with so much work that we find it stressful to juggle between home, work, family, friends, children and all that, and then do we become unhappy ? Of-course we do. With changing lifestyle and technology we are experiencing a lot of stress at work too.

Building Immunity  

What comes next?  before we know our immunity has gone down and we suddenly find ourselves suffering from diseases. Ask any doctor and they will advise you to build up your immunity to stay away from diseases. Having strong immunity is the top secret to staying healthy.One of the common causes of low immunity is stress. If we try to control stress, we are half  way through controlling our immunity. If our immunity is low we are more prone to getting viral infections, throat infections ,cough,cold,flu and many other small diseases and our doctor will prescribe medicines to build up immunity.

How to Build Immunity 

Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are many natural remedies at home that you can use to help boost your immunity. Turmeric  is one natural herb that helps boost immunity and there are many other supplements , Lemon/ Lime is also another supplement and then there are all those herbal medicines available in the market to help boost immunity.

ULTONIC is one  of them. Ultonic is the most potent naturally sourced antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune builder that tackles our common symptoms of colds, sore throats, coughs, congestion, flu, and allergies.

So why wait till you fall sick anymore , go get your immune builder to stay healthy .



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Why to Use Mobile Apps while travelling

These days you see a lot of people using the smartphone. Infact smartphones have become inevitable,  and they are the only options buyers have while buying phones. With the advent of smartphones came the ‘Apps’ for the smart people. Nowadays there are Apps for everything and most businesses are having an App along with a website . Some are even turning their businesses totally on Apps like some e-commerce fashion stores.

Trace You Car

Trace You Car


What is a Mobile App ?

So what’s a ‘ Mobile App’ you may wonder if you are a bit laggard when it comes to technology. A mobile app is a smartphone or tablet application. Unlike a mobile website that is used on any of the browsers, a mobile app must be downloaded and installed, typically from an app marketplace, such as the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play store.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

Many websites on the phone are not very user friendly and sometimes there are technical glitches happening when you have to open another window . On the other hand because users have to download and install the app, businesses have more control over their presence on a device than a website. For e.g once you download an app it keeps functioning even in the background, and send you notifications etc. It also gathers data about customer’s preferences and behaviors while staying inactive.

Moreover, mobile apps make it easy to use it as a single platform for making mobile payments. It’s also much easier to access a mobile app than a website, all you have to do is tap it.

As a traveller one trend I’ve noticed  these days is  that all companies are asking me to download their app .For instance while booking airlines some are even offering discounts if you download their app and make booking from there. There are apps for booking flights, booking  accommodation  and even apps that allow you to trace your car if you’ve forgotten where you parked it , isn’t that something great . Well do we need our memories any more :)

So what do you think  of Apps and their benefits  as a traveller?

About the Author : Suejata is  an internationally acclaimed author, marketer, world traveller, editor and writes and gives her analysis on various topics. For content marketing , speaking opportunities  get in touch with her. Also check out her travel reviews on Tripadvisor under the name Suejata.

Her facebook page

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Top 5 Linkedin Benefits For Your Business

Linkedin seems to be the best platform for B2B marketing and with 380 million users worldwide, it’s one of the most popular social media channels for businesses. It’s popularity has only increased since the last few years .
Here are some benefits of using Linkedin
1) It allows  you to connect with lots of professionals from your industry or other industries quickly.
2) It lets you research and find professionals  easily by it’s search facility.
3) It allows you to brand and promote yourself to the right people by way of contributing to  group discussions.
4) It allows you to write articles as a thought leader on your subject, and also allows to put up presentations ,slide share etc.,  thus making it easier to show your  personal brand.
5) As a business owner you can create a company profile that can be followed by many, and can be used for job postings and finding right people for your company.
There are many other benefits of using Linkedin and many professionals worldwide are using it to their benefit. So what are you waiting for , get started now if you haven’t already . If you come across this article on Linkedin (then I’m sure you already are a member :) )
For others to get started with marketing your business on LinkedIn , feel free to contact us.

Or if you want to do it yourself then follow the steps below :

1) Understand how Linkedin works.

2) Create an account (which is free)

3) Write a profile that showcases best of you or your brand, to draw the right people to you.

4) Create a company page if you own a company, or handle that side of your employers business.


Lead Generation

Once these steps are done you can use the account for marketing yourself and your business to LinkedIn members. I think most people have gotten past the first stage, and need help with the other , feel free to contact us.

If you need any statistics on Linkedin please click on this link , the above stats  of 380 million users was drawn from there. Although I don’t assure the  authenticity of stats and data they can be used as a reference.



About the Author: Suejata is a  pioneer in solo world travels from India(featured in the media) and is a  marketer and author of 2 books .  She  has a  masters degree in marketing from London , has worked in the research sector in UK and  has many other experiences. She writes and gives her honest analysis on various topics. For Marketing,Content Writing/ Branding/Research get in touch with her.

Feel free to get in touch with her  on or follow her on linkedin,

or Like her FB page Suejatas-Lifestyle


Also check her services

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